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Same-Sex Relationships and Marriage Green Cards – 06/18/20
Cancellation of Removal – 06/17/20
Rights for an Abused Spouse, Children and Parents, Part 206/10/20
Rights for an Abused Spouse, Children and Parents, Part 106/08/20
Parents and Spouses of Soldiers Have Special Rights – 05/27/20

COVID-19 Immigration News and Resources

Immigrant’s Guide to THRIVE During the Pandemic – Access here
DACA and Eligibility for Georgia Unemployment Insurance  05/11/20
Alert – Trump’s Order Temporarily Suspends Immigration  04/28/20
Alert – Trump to Suspend Immigration  04/21/20
Calculate your check – Your Economic Impact Payment from the CARES ACT   04/13/20
COVID-19 Immigration Update with Video from Zaira Solano   03/31/20
We are here for you – COVID-19  03/20/20

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