• Understanding Asylum Disqualification
    Understanding Asylum Disqualification
    As discussed on our site, Asylum is a powerful but complex immigration status that offers protection from oppression, violence, or persecution in another country. To qualify for asylum, you have to meet a set of criteria that can be challenging to prove without dedicated legal representation. As frustrating as it sounds, there are some distinct factors that could disqualify you
  • Temporary Protected Status
    Temporary Protected Status
    Temporary Protected Status (TPS) was granted in the Immigration act of 1990 to protect immigrants who were experiencing extraordinary and temporary conditions including epidemics, war, or environmental disasters in their country. The Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security has the power to approve or deny TPS for a specific foreign country. Most recently, Secretary of Homeland Security, Alejandro N.
  • Parents and Spouses of Soldiers Have Special Rights
    Parents and Spouses of Soldiers Have Special Rights
    If you are the parent or spouse of a someone who is currently serving in the military or someone who is now a veteran, you want to pay special attention to this e-mail. One the most common cases we see is a parent who entered the United States without a visa, had a child in the United States, the child
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