Patricia McKenzie Immigration

Prior to joining Meriwether & Tharp, Patricia’s solo practice, of over ten years, focused on Immigration and Family Law. She understands the complexities surrounding the intersection of Immigration Law and Family Law and the impact each may have on families and children!

Thank you for contacting me regarding your immigration case. As of 2020, I no longer practice immigration law and the Law Offices of Patricia McKenzie is no longer in business. I am referring my immigration clients to a trustworthy immigration law firm, where you can expect to receive outstanding legal representation through ethical practices and frequent case updates.

Zaira Solano and her team at Solano Law Firm have achieved positive results for many of the clients that I referred and I trust that they will do their best on your case. Solano Law Firm was founded in 2011 and they believe in providing honest representation and educating clients throughout the process. For all of your immigration needs, Solano Law Firm is on your side.

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