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Natalia Montealegre

Natalia Montealegre

Director of Client Services

Natalia is responsible for conducting initial consultations with potential new clients at the Firm.  Natalia and the Client Services support team are the first Firm members a potential new client communicates with when initially contact the Firm. Natalia is responsible for explaining to potential new clients how the Firm can assist them, what the Firm’s mission is, and how the Firm operates and conducts business.  Natalia is also responsible ensuring that the Firm delivers the outstanding client service the team strives to provide to all clients and to make the client’s experience as smooth as possible.

Natalia grew up in various cities of the beautiful country of Colombia. She immigrated to the United States on her own at the young age of 16 and worked her way through high school and college. Natalia recently earned a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration with a Marketing concentration at Georgia Gwinnett College. Natalia as an immigrant herself, and has made it her personal mission to help our immigrant community keep their families together and have the opportunity of building a better future for themselves.

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