Flag USASolano Law Firm assists individuals, organizations, and families with their U.S. immigration-related needs. We provide superior, dedicated guidance and attention to clients lost in the complex maze of U.S. immigration. Cases range from straightforward family petitions to highly intricate defensive litigation in immigration court.  U.S. immigration law is federal law shared by all states. We act frequently as immigration lawyers in Georgia and Alabama. Solano Law Firm can represent clients in immigration court in all 50 U.S. states and territories. If you do not live in Atlanta, Georgia or if your case is not in the Atlanta Immigration Court, Solano Law Firm can still help you.

Removal Based Defense & Family Based Petitions

• Removal/Deportation Defense – Our firm defends the rights of individuals and families in deportation and removal proceedings. We represent individuals in every step of immigration trials including bond hearings, master hearings, individual hearings, and obtaining relief from deportation.

• Appeals and post conviction proceedings – An appeal is required when U.S.C.I.S. or the Immigration Court denies your case. Our firm handles appeals to the Board of Immigration Appeals (BIA), all circuits of the U.S. Court of Appeals, and the Administrative Appeals Office (AAO).

• Writ of Mandamus Litigation – Law suits filed against the United States Government and its agencies which seeks to compel the government and its agencies to make decisions on delayed naturalization applications, delayed residency applications, delayed work permit applications, and other delayed applications.

Immigration services:

• Citizenship
• Adjustment of status (Green card)
• Deportation/Removal defense
• USCIS Interviews
• Bond hearings
• Family visas
• Employment/Business visas
• Student and tourist visas
• Temporary Protective Status (TPS)
• Asylum
• Cancellation of removal
• Work permits
• Consular processing
• Waivers
• Domestic Violence (VAWA) petitions
• T and U visas
• Freedom of Info Act (FOIA) Requests
• Info pass appointments
• Motions to vacate criminal charges
• Conviction clarification and modification

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