family-lawSolano Law Firm works with Family Law experts that represent individuals in a range of family law matters in the Metro/Greater Atlanta area of Georgia. Family law processes can be emotional, sensitive times. In processes relating to children, marriage, or dissolution of households, we work to help your family through change in a professional, constructive manner. We strive to resolve family law issues, whether adoptions and agreements or divorces and other family law settlements in a timely, efficient, and compassionate manner.

Our firm provides representation in the following family law matters:

• Divorce (contested, uncontested, publication)
• Legitimation/Paternity Action
• Child support
• Custody
• Contempt and enforcement
• Settlement agreements
• Pre-nuptial agreements
• Cohabitation agreements
• Alimony
• Division of marital property and debt
• Relocation
• Name Changes
• Amendments to Birth Certificates
• Adoptions, Bi-lingual Adoptions

At Solano Law Firm we handle all types of family law cases. When the courts come into our family lives it can be stressful, or even just one more thing to worry about during a busy time. We serve all kinds of clients, but we emphasize the Latino community in our practice. Our knowledge and personal experience means we understand that a family law case may also involve immigration or other legal matters. We can help you regardless of your immigration status. We give first class attention to every matter brought to us. We appear regularly in the family courts and can also represent you locally in arbitration and other family law processes. We are a bi-lingual firm that can understand your problems and make sure the courts act in your interest. If you are looking for representation in family law geared to Atlanta’s Latino community call us.