Atlanta Criminal Defense Attorney

Solano Law Firm works with a criminal defense experts that represent individuals in state and federal criminal cases. Criminal Law cases often seem like they should be simple, but they can have complex procedure that can be confusing. A conviction for a criminal charge can have serious consequences. We will fight on your side to protect your reputation and your freedom. We help you understand charges and the procedures of the court process, and follow up on information and investigations in order to present your best defense to the court. We strive to resolve all criminal matters with no jail time and without a criminal conviction, if possible.

We work in the Criminal Law in felony, misdemeanor, and juvenile cases including:

• Immigration holds
• Assault and Battery
• Drug Possession, Sale, Distribution, Manufacture, Possession of Paraphernalia, and all other drug crimes
• Probation Violations
• Theft crimes including burglary and robbery
• Fraud crimes including credit card fraud, check fraud, insurance fraud, tax fraud, and all other white collar crimes
• Shoplifting, Petit Theft
• Misdemeanors
• DUI, reckless driving, and all other criminal traffic matters
• Motions to vacate criminal charges
• Conviction clarification and modification
• Juvenile Crimes

Our firm is bi-lingual, helping us serve English and Spanish-speaking clients. Latino defendants without fluent English can be treated roughly by the system. Often courts seek to get through business fast. We make sure that our clients defense is made clear to the court. By speaking up on your behalf, we can prevent convictions based on confusion or miscommunication. Avoiding a criminal record can be important for immigration or other matters. We protect your interests.

If you require an Atlanta criminal defense lawyer to represent you in the courts contact us at (404) 835-2626!