Consultations can be scheduled in person, via telephone, and via Skype. We offer reasonable rates and payment plans. Solano Law Firm, LLC provides excellent legal counsel specifically tailored to your immigration, criminal law, & family law needs.

We can meet you in person at our offices in Atlanta, Georgia or Birmingham, Alabama. We can also do a telephone or Skype interview with you, at your convenience.

During an initial immigration consultation an attorney will review your immigration case at length, identifying all of your legal options and provide you a plan to resolve your immigration situation, if possible. We dedicate as much time as your need to understand the options of the immigration plan we will outline for you. You can also follow-up with us by phone and e-mail with any questions that come up after our interview.

Our consultation fee is $200 and can be paid by credit card, cash, money order, or direct deposit at Wells Fargo. We look forward to speaking with you!